• Do you really do everything yourself? 

That's right. I shoot almost exclusively on Ilford HP5+ film then I develop it myself at home after which I will print some frames on Ilford FB classic paper. 

  • What's a traditional print and what's so interesting about it ? 

A traditional print is made the old fashioned way in a darkroom (with the red light !) by projecting the negative onto photographic paper and developing it in chemistry. The entire process is done by myself, by hand from start to finish. A great individual care goes into making every print. 

Given the nature of the process, each print is unique.

  • Can I order a photograph that's not shown here? 

Of course ! With certain exceptions, if you find any photograph you like on my website that's not here, just send me a message indicating which one it is and I'll make it for you. Same size and printing method are used. 

  • When will my item arrive?

Prints are ready and will ship right away. Most items to the US and Canada arrive within 5 business days, items to Europe about 10 business days.

If you ordered a print not shown on the store it could take up to 5 days to make before it's ready to ship.